A Magazine Reader

A Magazine Reader revolves around the analysis of a mainstream and high-end fashion magazine and its translation into an alternative new zine to provide insight into the cultural power and forms of value production that is at the core of fashion media. In it, the reader becomes an active actor in the construct of fashion. Re-reading the magazine by dissecting it, analysing the words, images, materiality, the items shown on the pages and the strategies of the specific magazine changes the way we read fashion. 

Issue 01
Vogue UK. February 2018
Topic: Luxury
With: ArtEZ MA Fashion Strategy.
Content by: Adriana Fox Hopper, Chinouk Filique de Miranda, Cinzia Magnani, Hester Brands, Ieva Uzkurataite, Julia Kaleta, Karmen Samson, Maria Gil Mendoza,  Marina Sasseron de Oliveira Cabral and Chet Bugter.
Design: Corine van der Wal, in collaboration with Walter Books.

Issue 02
Vogue, UK. November 2018
Topic: Language
With: ArtEZ MA Fashion Strategy. In collaboration with Chet Bugter and Ruby Hoette.
Content by: Emma Disbergen, Laura Lisa Fernandes Januario, Eva Kühn, Boris Kollar, Karlijn Krijger, Nicole Dekkers, Andrea Chehade, Denise Bernts, Bobbine Berden, Mariane Cortez Meirelles.
Design: Corine van der Wal, in collaboration with Walter Books.

Issue 03
Harper’s Bazaar UK. October 2019
Onomatopee Z0018
Topic: The many elements that are used to construct fashion (clothes are just one of the many carriers of fashion).
With: Onomatopee and Zuzana Kostelanská.
Content by: Sophia Grancharova, Hanka van der Voet, Patricia Nahorniac, Rebecca Nevins, Marco Dalle Fratte, Xi Ruolan, Abhaya Mistry, Seok Park, Isabelle Mauduit and Ellen Pearson.
Design: Zuzana Kostelanská
Produced by: Onomatopee, made possible by the generous support of the Provincie Noord Brabant
Production by Joannette van der Veer for Onomatopee. With support by Seok Park, and Onomatopee interns Nathalia Malińska and Merel Steneker

A Magazine Reader is initiated by Hanka van der Voet and Femke de Vries.
Hanka van der Voet is Head of the MA Fashion Strategy at ArtEZ in Arnhem, and works as an independent researcher, writer and curator. Her current research is focused on the editorial practices of niche/independent/alternative fashion magazines. She is the founder of Press & Fold magazine and one of the founders of Warehouse.

A Magazine Reader is a Warehouse production and available at San SerriffeAthenaeum bookstore, Walter Books and World Food Books.