Femke de Vries works as an artist, researcher and teacher. Her practice mainly revolves around addressing the dominant industrial and commercial workings of fashion and the exploration of alternatives. Her recent interests lie in paratext in fashion; the many snippets of text in fashion media and the stories they tell (or do not tell), and in the relation between human and non-human beings in fashion; the existing relations that are present but overseen, and the proposition of new ones. She uses existing visual, textual and textile materials that she collects and re-arranges. Her work is often collaborative and participatory taking the shape of installations, archives, texts, workshops, a search engine and publications.

She has a background in Fashion Design (BA, AMFI) and Fashion Strategy (MA, ArtEZ). In collaboration with Onomatopee she published two books: Fashioning Value – Undressing Ornament (2015, reprint 2018) and Dictionary Dressings (2016). Her most recent book is What to buy for the fashion – focused reader in your life (2020, reprint 2021). She lectures at various universities; previously at HKU, WDKA, AMFI, KABK and Gerrit Rietveld Academy, and now at ArtEZ MA Critical Fashion Practices. She has developed specialized educational programs in the field of (practice-based) fashion research. Works of her are published/shown in/at; Press & Fold, MetropolisM, Vestoj, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Matto, D&K Lookbook, Melbourne Art Book Fair symposium, Harvard Design Magazine, Portal, Mode and Mode, State of Fashion, ArtEZ Professorship, Viscose Magazine and MacGuffin. She wrote texts for artists and designers such as Youngeun Sohn, Anouk Beckers, Anouk van Klaveren, Elisa van Joolen and Passama & Langendijk. She was an artist in residence at the Jan van Eyck Academy (2019-2020), Sointula ArtShed and ArtsIceland.
Together with Hanka van der Voet,  Elisa van Joolen and Anouk Beckers she runs  Warehouse, a place for clothes in context in Amsterdam.

Mail: contactfemkedevries@gmail.com
Instagram: fmkdvrs