Booklook – Wearing is Publishing is Reading
– for Anouk Beckers’ Booklook – a set of garment-magazine hybrids that unfold hidden stories about fashion and garments

Self – Help – Shirts, a lexicon for an economy of emotions
– on the neo-liberal culture of emotions printed on clothes, in Vestoj issue nine

“Comfort is en vogue during coronavirus”
– on the popularity of sweatpants for MetropolisM (in Dutch)

Clothes are Souvenirs
– an excerpt from Fashioning Value – Undressing Ornament

Dual Fusion
–  on the interaction between clothes and non-human animals for MetropolisM

“Live in It”
– in conversation with Passama/Langendijk on fur

“The candles on the tables are on, but who lights them?”
– in conversation with Youngeun Sohn for MetropolisM

Fashion in Times of the Corona Crisis and Post-Crisis
– an ongoing conversation with the ArtEZ Professorship

The Readers of a Newspaper, Magazine, or Book Are the People Who Read it
– for A Magazine Reader 02

When Cutting is Reading
– for A Magazine Reader 03