Wordsonfashionwebsites.com explores the use of text in the realm of online fashion media. The website is connected to a selection of 10 high-profile fashion/lifestyle websites (of which some have over 90 million unique monthly visitors and a large commercial impact) and offers the option to search, track and compare the use of text on these websites.

This website is part of a research into the way text creates meaning in fashion. In addition to the effect of social and economic changes on text, the evolution in fashion media – from printed matter with illustrations to glossies with photos and subsequently online fashion media in the form of blogs, webshops and online magazines – has led to changes in the dynamics between text and image and fashion text in general. Through various means this research explores the use of text in fashion; the topics that are addressed and how things are imbued with value through text, how text makes them ‘new’, ‘effortless’, ‘original’ and ‘thrilling’; turning garments into dreams and fashion into feelings.

As part of a broader research into the use of text in fashion called What to buy for the fashion-focused reader in your life, I’ve worked together on this online work with:
Chinouk Filique de Miranda: research
Eurico Sá Fernandes: web development
Hanka van der Voet: advice
Mark IJzerman: advice
Martijn van de Zuidwind: advice
Sara Orsi: advice
Zuzana Kostelanská: graphic design

Supported by:
Creative Industries Fund NL / Hordaland Kunstsenter